Recruiting for careers in marine
staff Guidelines for applicants

  • Occupation

    Technical Superintendent / Marine Superintendent

  • Application qualifications

    Holder of qualifications for third deck officer or third engineering officer or higher

  • Description of work

    Shore duty (Marine superintendent, Technical superintendent)

  • Salary

    Determined based on interview, in light of experience, qualifications, capabilities, etc.

  • Allowances

    Allowance to support raising next-generation children, housing allowance, overtime allowance, commuting allowance

  • Raises

    Once a year (April)

  • Bonuses

    Twice a year (June, December)

  • Insurance

    Health insurance, pension insurance, employment insurance, and workmen's accident compensation insurance

  • Work location

    Headquarters and various facilities

  • Working hours


  • Holidays and vacations

    • Saturdays, Sundays (uniform five-day workweek system), holidays, New Year's holiday (12/29–1/4)
    • Yearly paid vacation: 23 days granted per year (can be carried over only to the following year, 46 days maximum)
    • Special leave (leave necessary for social life such as ceremonial occasions)
    • Maternity leave, childcare leave, family care leave
  • Company benefits

    • Education and training system
    • Company house system, company residential facility utilization system
    • Support system for pregnancy, childcare, and family care
    • Lodging facility in Kachidoki, Tokyo
      Can also use contract facilities of health insurance society
    • Relaxation room (in headquarters facility)
    • Outside benefit services
      Benefit club (RELO CLUB)
    • Company pension system
    • Property accumulation savings
    • Employee stock ownership
    • Survivor condolence payment system
    • Free health consultations (industrial physician)

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