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Message from the President

Hello, my name is Inui Yasuyuki, the President of Inui Global Logistics Co., Ltd. 

The fiscal year of 2019(April 1st, 2019 – March 31st, 2020) marks the last year of our Medium-term Management Plan – “Hang in There for the Future”.

This year, we will make progress toward the achievement of the plan which includes “Asset Strength into Business Advantage”, “KAIZEN”, “Uniqueness”, and formulate our next Medium-term Management Plan. 

We will develop invaluable uniqueness, and steadily continue to strive for the growth of our company through our own efforts. 

I kindly ask all our stakeholders for your continued support for Inui Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Inui Yasuyuki
Representative Director, President

Dated April 2019