Vessel Safety Management

As an overseas shipping company, our business requires the safe navigation and management of the vessels that we operate. We therefore, maintain the Inui Global Logistics Safety Management Manual, which is ordered to be prepared by the International Safety Code, established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).We review and update the manual daily to ensure that it remains continuously in line with all expected requirements.

The majority of the seafarers who bear responsibility for the navigation of our vessels are citizens of the Philippines. We founded the Inui Maritime Seminar, a facility for the training of seafarers, in Manila, the Philippines, in 2005, and have worked to train seafarers adequately. We are also actively recruiting citizens of the Philippines who are expected to become Officers so that they will be able to serve on our vessels in the future.

To cope with rising competition in the recruiting of seafarers worldwide, and in an attempt to serve seafarers more reliably, we contracted a manning agent in Qingdao, China, in 2010, and commenced recruiting seafarers who are citizens of China as crew members of the vessels we operate. From here on out, we will attempt to reliably maintain those seafarers who support the safe navigation of the vessels we operate, and will also conduct the safe navigation and management of vessels in whatever ways are required to legally do so.

Inui Maritime Seminar 授業風景

A classroom at the Inui Maritime Seminar facility

Inui Maritime Seminar 入口

Entrance of Inui Maritime Seminar