When using the compliance hotline
(whistleblower system)

In the Inui Global Logistics Group, we have introduced a compliance hotline (whistleblower system) to quickly discover and correct any instances of compliance violations. It can be used to submit reports or have consultations about compliance.
If you notice any fraud or legal or ethical violation with respect to the operations and employees of our group, or if you are concerned that they could occur, or if you have a question about them, please contact the following hotline.

People who can use the compliance hotline
(whistleblower system)

  1. People working at the Inui Global Logistics Group (officers, employees, part-timers, temporary workers, etc.)
  2. Employees of companies that have a continuous transaction-related contractual relationship (contract agreements, contracts on ongoing delivery of goods, contract on ongoing provision of services such as cleaning, ongoing contracts on advisory services such as consulting, etc.) with the Inui Global Logistics Group

When reporting

  1. Please give specific details (person involved, date and time, place, content, etc.) so we can quickly perform the proper investigations and corrections.
  2. We also accept anonymous reports, but please understand that in that case we have limited options in terms of contacting you about the results of fact checking, investigations and survey results.
  3. We will strictly manage the details of your report in accordance with our regulations. We shall not use the reports for purposes other than examining and handling compliance violations in our company and we shall not disclose the reports to others without obtaining the consent of the whistleblower. Also, the whistleblower shall not receive any disadvantageous treatment from us due to the fact of reporting.


Please contact us by sending an e-mail or a written message to any of the following.

Audit Office, Inui Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Postal address

1-13-6 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation, Tokyo Office

Attorneys: Taku Ito, Naoki Okamoto, Kazuma Kira

Postal address

20th floor, Kasumigaseki Building,
3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


* Without the consent of the whistleblower, the personal information of the whistleblower will only be known by the external contact (external lawyer), and we will not know it.

Please use the Report Format. (37KB)

If you would like to know details of the Whistleblower Protection Act and other whistleblower protection systems, please see the Cabinet Office's Whistleblower Protection System website.